Oh damn.  You clicked here.

You clicked the dreaded 'about' page which means you wanna know a little more about me.  The first thing you should know 'bout me is that I hate writing about myself.   That being said, I'm gonna keep this simple and just list a bunch of stuff I like: Krakauer, Calvin and Hobbes, Springsteen, Girl Talk, Game of Thrones, Seattle Mariners, hikes with my wife, playing video games with my sons (I've got three), Friday Night Lights, barbecuing ribs, eating ribs, sinking long putts, pick-up basketball, Mel Brooks, fantasy sports, t-shirts, Tina Fey, cribbage, Rip City, puffy tacos, Sorkin, Explosions in the Sky, Deloreans, hate-watching The Bachelor, Harry Potter, Cameron Crowe movies, dusk, good coffee, thick milkshakes, Legos, Seattle Seahawks, Words with Friends, staying up late, mom-and-pop restaurants, SNL, the sound of a fastball popping a catcher's mitt, odd-numbered seasons of Downton Abbey, stand-up comedy, the rare dinners out with my wife, Rhapsody in Blue, 30 for 30, and sunsets that are part orange and part purple.