Walk Around the Block

We're just (what feels like) hours from becoming a family of four and we thought we'd take a walk around the loop this morning; just the three of us.  Today's walk spurned a lot of conversation about this blog and how little I post.  There's a handful of cute Milesisms that I've been meaning to write about but two struck me by surprise this morning.

The first happened as we past a house with a large solar panel system.  We've passed this thing about three-hundred times, but today Miles pointed at it told us what a "big music stand" it was.

It converts solar power into Chopin!

Sometimes I find myself looking at an object and realizing I have no idea what it's called.  Despite the fact that I've see it on a daily basis for nearly 30 years, I'll have no idea.  It's similar to how I went about 24 years without ever hearing the word Chipotle, and now it's everywhere.  After the second-biggest-music-stand known to man, we rounded the corner and headed home.  Miles pointed at (what I've always referred to as) "those Dandelion things that you pull and then blow off all the petals and make wishes."  This morning, Miles came up with the perfect word for them.  With no prompting at all, he asked for a wish-shaker.  People always tell me that my kids will become smarter than me.  I just had no idea that process already started.

Miles would rub the big one all over his face and say "tickle tickle tickle."

Even before we pushed Miles around in his stroller, we always took Edgar ("Edgar needs a haircut," Miles recently discovered) off his leash once we got to the start of our road.  To this day, Edgar makes a dash for the creek and wades around for a minute or two.   Now when we reach the start of the road, we let Edgar of his leash and Miles asks if he can "be free like Edgar?"  I can't blame him.  The kid is usually in some kind of eight-point harness like Buzz Aldrin and is ready to run.

Free like Edgar?

With any luck, the next post from me will be a declaration of gender.  Not mine.




Edison had the light bulb. Graham Bell had the telephone. My son invents words. And let's face it, someone has to...it may as well be a two-year-old in a Mickey Mouse t-shirt.

Miles asked me what a cow says the other day. I of course told him 'moo' (with great conviction). He asked again and I obliged. Miles then ran to his mother and told her that "Daddy is a good cow-er."

If there's one thing I want to be successful as, it's sounding like a Hereford.



Kid Techno

Just before going outside the other day, Miles asked if I was ready. I told him I was syncing my phone, and then we'd go. To which my one-and-only son replied, "phones should float."



Anything but The Usual.

Sorry for the long hiatus. I'd like to say there was a good reason for it; but I guess it really comes down to thinking of something clever to write. The inspiration is always there -- he's cuddled up in mommy's lap right now -- but it's usually the perspiration I'm short on.

I'll make this one quick before my beautiful bride and I decompress in front to Benjamin Button.

Rachel, like most people who frequent Starbucks, has a "usual." It took me 10-20 attempts before I could order her favorite without screwing it up; and I even wrote it down. Miles has no such problems -- in fact, his memory seems elephantine. The other day when Rachel pulled up to the Starbucks Drive-Thru, Miles was quick to announce:
"Grande-Non Fat-Extra Hot-No Whip-Hot Chocolate"

The kid has been on a roll lately. Tomorrow we're taking him to "Elmo Live." He doesn't know yet (chalk up a win for Mom and Dad!), but I'm sure I'll have something to write about again very soon.

Thanks for your patience. I'll get better at this.



Two Things

One: I felt baby-yet-to-named kick a couple nights ago. There's nothing quite like it. I guess in some ways, it makes it even more real. I don't live with an ever-expanding tummy every day like my bride...wait...I guess I kinda do. For totally different reasons. Regardless, it's a sublime feeling to know that in a few short months I'll be a father again and Miles will be an older brother. He's going to excel in that role.

Two: Miles and I made a trip to Golf Etc. today and I bought him his first real golf club. He knocked a ball into the plastic cup they have on the artificial putting green at the shop and yelled "GO IN THE HOLE!" The owners got a great laugh. He took it home. Hit plastic, practice balls around the living room while watching The Accenture Match Play World Championship for a couple hours (didn't want to eat or bathe...just wanted to play golf). He told me that "Miles plays like Tiger." Then we "calmed down" to some Baby Einstein and he took his club to bed with him. He's holding it right tight right now in his crib. It is adorable.




This morning, I made Rachel some breakfast in bed.  This almost always consists of toast, a fried egg and a small glass of orange juice.  This morning hash-browns were a last minute substitue for the toast.  Despite a sippy-cup full of his own OJ, Miles generally insists on drinking some...if not, all...of Mommy's juice.  So it was no surprise this morning for Miles to grab the glass of juice off of Mommy's bedside table and quickly dispatch it.

Mommy (glaring at Miles): "Did you drink all of Mommy's juice?"

Miles: "Stinker.  Goofball."

In cell-phone terms, you might call this "predictive text."


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Wait for it...

Miles' Elmo DVD came to a screeching halt last night because it's covered in scratches and smudges. Wonder why. When it suddenly paused on the TV, Miles announced that it was "buffering."

In other news, he threw a tantrum last night. One of his worst. So naturally his mother and I just ignored him and went into another room. This lasted a good 3-4 minutes. When Miles finally followed us in, we continued to ignore him and just communicated with each other via gestures and telepathy I guess. After a minute or two passed, Miles looked at us and asked, "Talk? Please?"

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Is miles@gmail.com Taken?

I've got a spare PC keyboard (shocking, I know) laying around and Miles has discovered it.  Miles calls it his computer.  It's fine with me, since it's not hooked up to anything and discourages him from banging away my desktop or Rachel's notebook.  However, he may be taking this  a bit too far.  Today...on three occasions, Rachel found Miles  typing on "his" computer.

Rachel: "What are you doing, Miles?"

Miles: "Checkin' E-mail."

If I find out that he has a Facebook account, I'm going to ground him for a year (after he shows me how to set one up).

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Miles Unleashed

I've discovered a few things lately.  First and foremost, I had one of my most sure-fire Dad moments recently.  I walked out of Toys R Us with an armful, as well as a large, brightly colored box.  As I opened the trunk to the car to despot the parcels, I realized just how cool it is to go  Christmas shopping for our son.  I know exactly what it means to say you want your children to have everything.  Granted, Rachel had to pull me kicking and screaming from the Star Wars section, but c'mon -- they had the Lego Melinium Falcon there.

Today, Rachel took Miles to the vet.  That sounds weird.  Let me clearify.  Miles went with Rachel to the vet to fill Edgar's prescription.  While they were paying, Miles shouted "mouse!"  This seemingly random exclamation caused the clerk to, as Rachel put it, 'jump out of her skin, screaming "where?  where?"  Miles then pointed at the small, corded Microsoft mouse connected to her computer.

He's becoming more and more talkative with each passing moment.  Around the lobby of the vets office, several onlookers were treated to Miles pointing out the following:

"Kitty...meow...deer...mouse...lady comin'...pay...tiger..." and then as a woman was texting someone, Miles walked up, pointed at her phone and said "ipod."

On a real heartwarming note, he climbed up in our bed after Rachel got him up from what I assume was a nightmare, and annouced, "Daddy home.  Mommy home.  Edgar home.  Audrey home.  Mia home."


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Thanks to Rachel's dad, Miles has developed an affinity for all things Kit-Kat.  With it being Halloween and all, I'm sure I'll photos to share soon.

By the way, anyone how knows anything about candy, knows that 'Fun Size' is anything but.

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Language Lessons

The other night, Miles and I crossed the field that seperates my in-laws home from ours.  I noticed one of the cows was eating and told Miles to say 'hello to the cow.'

"Bull," he responded.

"Ok," I said, "say 'hello' to the bull."

"Hello," greeted Miles.

"Say it loud, like a cow," I encouraged.

"Moooooo!" yelled my son.

I'm sure I learned from that exchange than he did.



September 20, 2008

Miles and Mimi's arm.

Tonight I cooked dinner for Rachel, Miles and her parents.  And I'm pretty sure an outside observer would think that this kid gets whatever he wants.

Ver batim exchange between Miles and his mother tonight during a family dinner:

Miles: "Crackers."

Rachel: "Finish your noodles, you can have some animal crackers."

Miles finishes noodles.

Miles: "Crackers."

Rachel: "Ok...letsee...how many should I give you?"

Miles: "Twenty."


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Miles from Home

Okay, so I just wanted to post something here to let anyone who may be interested in know what I want this site to do.  It's just a place for a parent...or parents...to share stories.

For example.  Last Friday there was a fire in west Hood River on Sunday that shutdown I-84 for quite some time.  This normally wouldn't have been an issue except for the following:

1) I had left work early that day to drive with Rachel and Miles to The Dalles to visit her grandpa.

2) I purposely left my iPhone at home as to give my family my undivided attention (I'm easily distracted).

3) I knew it would be a quick trip...ha...and decided not to eat anything before we left the house.

Four hours later I was a raging, hungry mess that would make The Incredible Hulk a little skiddish.  Miles, bless his soul, was doing his best to keep it together.  But a 22-month-old hangs on by a very thin thread when he's been strapped in a five-point-harness for two hours with nothing to eat but a thin fruit bar.  And that was the last of the food in the car besides a half-eaten box of Altoids.  What's a stuck-in-traffic family to do? Luckily we had just bought a U-bake Hawaiian pizza. Miles took care of every slice of pineapple for the following hour and we ate a delicious Canadian Bacon pie for dinner.  Miles announced that he was both "messy" and "greasy."

And if I had brought my phone I would've gotten the message from a fellow employee alerting me to the interstate shutdown.

The start of a great weekend.

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