Okay, so I just wanted to post something here to let anyone who may be interested in know what I want this site to do.  It's just a place for a parent...or parents...to share stories.

For example.  Last Friday there was a fire in west Hood River on Sunday that shutdown I-84 for quite some time.  This normally wouldn't have been an issue except for the following:

1) I had left work early that day to drive with Rachel and Miles to The Dalles to visit her grandpa.

2) I purposely left my iPhone at home as to give my family my undivided attention (I'm easily distracted).

3) I knew it would be a quick trip...ha...and decided not to eat anything before we left the house.

Four hours later I was a raging, hungry mess that would make The Incredible Hulk a little skiddish.  Miles, bless his soul, was doing his best to keep it together.  But a 22-month-old hangs on by a very thin thread when he's been strapped in a five-point-harness for two hours with nothing to eat but a thin fruit bar.  And that was the last of the food in the car besides a half-eaten box of Altoids.  What's a stuck-in-traffic family to do? Luckily we had just bought a U-bake Hawaiian pizza. Miles took care of every slice of pineapple for the following hour and we ate a delicious Canadian Bacon pie for dinner.  Miles announced that he was both "messy" and "greasy."

And if I had brought my phone I would've gotten the message from a fellow employee alerting me to the interstate shutdown.

The start of a great weekend.

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