Sorry for the long hiatus. I'd like to say there was a good reason for it; but I guess it really comes down to thinking of something clever to write. The inspiration is always there -- he's cuddled up in mommy's lap right now -- but it's usually the perspiration I'm short on.

I'll make this one quick before my beautiful bride and I decompress in front to Benjamin Button.

Rachel, like most people who frequent Starbucks, has a "usual." It took me 10-20 attempts before I could order her favorite without screwing it up; and I even wrote it down. Miles has no such problems -- in fact, his memory seems elephantine. The other day when Rachel pulled up to the Starbucks Drive-Thru, Miles was quick to announce:
"Grande-Non Fat-Extra Hot-No Whip-Hot Chocolate"

The kid has been on a roll lately. Tomorrow we're taking him to "Elmo Live." He doesn't know yet (chalk up a win for Mom and Dad!), but I'm sure I'll have something to write about again very soon.

Thanks for your patience. I'll get better at this.