We're just (what feels like) hours from becoming a family of four and we thought we'd take a walk around the loop this morning; just the three of us.  Today's walk spurned a lot of conversation about this blog and how little I post.  There's a handful of cute Milesisms that I've been meaning to write about but two struck me by surprise this morning.

The first happened as we past a house with a large solar panel system.  We've passed this thing about three-hundred times, but today Miles pointed at it told us what a "big music stand" it was.

It converts solar power into Chopin!

Sometimes I find myself looking at an object and realizing I have no idea what it's called.  Despite the fact that I've see it on a daily basis for nearly 30 years, I'll have no idea.  It's similar to how I went about 24 years without ever hearing the word Chipotle, and now it's everywhere.  After the second-biggest-music-stand known to man, we rounded the corner and headed home.  Miles pointed at (what I've always referred to as) "those Dandelion things that you pull and then blow off all the petals and make wishes."  This morning, Miles came up with the perfect word for them.  With no prompting at all, he asked for a wish-shaker.  People always tell me that my kids will become smarter than me.  I just had no idea that process already started.

Miles would rub the big one all over his face and say "tickle tickle tickle."

Even before we pushed Miles around in his stroller, we always took Edgar ("Edgar needs a haircut," Miles recently discovered) off his leash once we got to the start of our road.  To this day, Edgar makes a dash for the creek and wades around for a minute or two.   Now when we reach the start of the road, we let Edgar of his leash and Miles asks if he can "be free like Edgar?"  I can't blame him.  The kid is usually in some kind of eight-point harness like Buzz Aldrin and is ready to run.

Free like Edgar?

With any luck, the next post from me will be a declaration of gender.  Not mine.