Our compact car is busting at the seams right now with about a metric ton of stuff on it's way to Goodwill tomorrow.  It's amazing how much stuff one accumulates over the course of a year or two.  Multiply that by two and you've got a marriage.  Double that and you've added a kid.  JJ hasn't been around long enough to accumulate much...what am I saying?  Our newest addition has more outfits than a Baby's R Us.

I made the mistake of announcing how we really oughta clean out some of the old stuff in Miles' room.  That lead to a massive extreme-room makeover -- which lead to cleaning out the bathroom -- to the hall closet -- to the living room -- to the bedroom -- to my closet -- to my night stand -- to the pantry -- the file cabinet.  Each room, each drawer had it's own challenges, it's own treasures, and in some cases some laughs.

Bags of stuff.  Hats.  A bottle warmer.  A TiVo.  A blender.  Frames.  Glasses.  Blankets.  A body pillow.  Some of the stuff is hard to say goodbye to, other stuff has served it's purpose and will serve it again someday to someone else.  Regardless, our home is lighter.  We're far from living a Walden existence, but I gotta admit, it's nice to know where things are for a change.  It's also a little easier to find yourself, and each other.