It's 8:58 and I've put the kids to bed.  It's quiet.

If running a house alone is complicated than I'm a soduku puzzle on a Friday.

This would officially be the first time I've been left home overnight with the kids...and when I put it that way, it's sounds both a) creepy and b) like my wife will pay me like a baby-sitter and then drive me home when she arrives tomorrow.  On the plus side, I would be paid well, because:

1.  Miles ate all of his dinner (and I included vegetables).

2.  Both boys bathed.  To be perfectly honest, here's how it went down.

a.  Miles gets into shower

b.  Miles turns on warm water.

c.  Miles fills up JJ's "whale-tub" with shower water.

d.  Miles lays in JJ's much-smaller tub while showering.

e.  Who says you can't have it all?

3.  Now, I could've used the lukewarm shower/bath water to bathe my youngest son, but I stepped up and drained that water, and filled up his tub with fresh, warm H20.

I suppose the closest call of the evening was when I asked Miles to let Edgar in while I changed JJ.  39 seconds later, Miles returns crying and sobs to me that one of the cats "left."  This illicits crying from JJ,  which very nearly made me cry.  However, the cat didn't get too far and returned in a matter of moments.  Crisis avoided.

So this is what my wife does from 8-5 everday when I'm at the office...

Note to self: Buy flowers.  Lots of flowers. 

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