Happy Halloween!

Tonight we trekked up to a home just a mile or so from our house and I was introduced to something most folks in my tiny town have known about for years.  It's kinda cool when you stumple upon something this impressive and even more impressive when you take into account it's been here for decades.

A family up the road from us has a lenghty driveway, and on Halloween it's flanked by 100 Jack O'Lanterns.  Amazing Jack O'Lanterns.  What follows are some of the best...no...most interesting, that we walked by.

A couple of older folks next to me were talking about how impressive this pumpkin was. "Such a stunning likeness to Albert Einstein," one of them remarked. Sometimes all you can do is laugh. I think The Joker would agree.The current public fascination with 'Twilight' does nothing for me, and seeing it depicted on a pumpkin only works to solidify my apathy. Somewhere a teenage girl swoons.

Now we're talking. Nothing says All Hallows' Eve like saving 15% or more on my car insurance.