What's so bad about wanting a $2000 camera?  Okay...I could list fifty things I should spend that kind of money on before buying another camera (and my wife could list fifty-thousand).  And it's hard to justify spending, or even wanting to spend, that kind of scratch when I've got a working body.  I will continue to remind myself that a good craftsman does not blame their tools.  I'm not sure it would make my shots any better anway.

I'm currently in the process of backing up all my photos, music and other media files to portable hard drives so that I can transfer everything to my new laptop next week. :) My desk started to look a little like Neo's from The Matrix (the first one...the only one worth watching).  In my attempts to declutter and clean-out, I ditched my old home server in hopes that I'll be able to put together something smaller and easier to manage.  I think I have.  Should make backups and access to my files much easier.  This stuff is always so much work on the front-end.

Oh.  A buddy of mine is currently putting together the largest Lego set ever created.  His wife bought him the Millenium Falcon for his birthday back in August.  It's literally life-size to Lego people.  I keep promising him that I'll post his progress on here.  I need to remember to do that.

That's all I got for tonight.  I'm gonna catch my TiVo'd episode of Community and hit the sack.