I'm not sure what it says about me (and maybe us as a culture) that I enjoy American Idol in a "train-wreck" sort of way.  I'm pretty sure I'm making excuses for myself and lowering my expectations as to what entertainment is to me.  But I'm also the same guy who loves critically acclaimed television: Mad Men, 30 Rock and Dexter (and oft overlooked shows as well: The Wire and Friday Night Lights).  But I can tell in a tenth of a second whether the girl I'm about to see here in Chicago at auditions is going to be a an udder delight (meaning I won't remember her at all) to an absolute category 5 hurricane (meaning I will be talking about her tomorrow morning with my buddy Mike and breaking down just where things started to break down (hint: it usually starts with a handmade sign).  

Regardless, I end up watching through the auditions and then my interest wains.  By that time, I'm generally filling out my bracket for March Madness, tracking the Mariner's spring training progress and getting ready for The Masters.  The first week of April is holy in my home.  It's the sports trinity.  Basketball. Baseball. Golf.  Am I getting ahead of myself?  Perhaps.  After all, it's only January but The Olympics are going to be a great way to kill a few weeks between the stuff I really like to watch.

If you've made it this far, allow me to reward you with a cute Miles-ism:

Miles looking at the grip on my putter:  "Look!  There's a king hat!"