Project365 hit a couple snags over the last couple days.  I don't have a card-reader for my camera so I use my printer at home which has a card-reader built in.  This works fine, but nine out of ten times, I end up forgetting to grab my memory card from the printer when I'm done.  And when you're on the road, you've packed your camera, laptop, lenses, flash, and tripod...AND you've forgotten your memory card.  You're stuck.  So the past couple days I've had to make do with the old adage "the best camera is the one that's with you."

Chase Jarvis, a very popular and successful commercial photographer understands this better than anyone.  He's literally written the book on it.  It's chockablock with nothing but photos he's taken with his iPhone.  He's even written an app which allows you to filter, crop and edit, and share your images.  I've put it to good use over the last couple days.  And the photos of the street sign and fire-hydrant show that it's not always the camera that makes the photo.

So, while it not be the Sony A-850 (which I want) or even the Maxxum 7D (which I have), I think I can get by with an iPhone when the need arises.  Of course it wouldn't hurt to put a spare memory card in my bag, either.