I like to read to my kids.  And the only thing I like more is listening to my bride read to the kids.  On one particular evening a few weeks ago, she was reading "The Shape of Me" by Dr. Suess.  Miles loves if it you leave off the last couple words to each page so he can fill it in from memory.  

I've included an audio clip from this session.  What makes it so special?  You know at the final chord of The Beatles "Day in the Life" you can hear (if you listen really close with headphones) a squeaky chair and papers being shuffled?  If you listen close here, you may be able to discern that Miles (standing behind Rachel) has dropped his pants and underwear.  And when he says "Look at!"...it's priceless.  I'm positive Lennon dropped his pants once or twice at Abbey Road, and I'll wager to say there's a solid "Behind the Music" somewhere in Yoko's archives.