I'm ready.  As much as I love living in the city in which I grew up, I'm ready to go home.  I think people can be away from home for only a certain period of time before they're just ready to return.  We've hit that point.  And I think when it's at that point, that construction of the new house slows.  This week they're finishing up painting, installing the floors and the electricians are putting their final pieces together.  And it seems that I've been saying that last sentence for three weeks, but hopefully we're moved in about three weeks.  It's so close we can taste it. And we're ready.  I think we're excited to have a place in which to get settled.

Speaking of construction:

So the other afternoon Miles, J.J. and I built an awesome fort in the living room.  We tossed together a few blankets, some pillows, two recliners and our own custom flag (which eventually fell down, which I believe is a signal that the members of the club are in distress).  To be a member in our club we had to devise a secret password and handshake.  The three of us discussed this at length and settled on a high-five as our handshake.  This was chosen because it's really the only greeting J.J. can muster.  And when I pressed Miles to invent a password, this was our exchange:

Me: "Okay buddy, here's what we need.  We need a super-secret password that will allow only special people into our fort.  If they don't know the password, they can't come in.  So think of something good."

Miles: "I KNOW! I know a good password!"

Me: "You do?  What is it?"

Miles: "Hello!"

Me: "That's not a good password."

After a couple minutes of heated discussion we passed a two-thirds vote to change the password.  I'd love to tell you what it is, but that could very well lead me to being expelled from our ruthless organization determined to rule the world.  Just sayin'.