Tomorrow a guy name Andy is laying down the carpet in the new house.  And the next day...well the next day we're starting to move in.  We've got stuff in three different locales and the move-process will be a little crazy.  We probably threw out half of what we owned when we moved out originally and I suspect we'll throw out another 50% when we make the final move.

All in all, we're thrilled.  We've got a great new house.  It was built shockingly on-schedule and pretty darn close to on-budget.  If you had told me in mid-May that we'd lose our contractor in a week and that we'd still finish a new house ahead of when we estimated, I'd have laughed you into the next blog.

We've been running this project, and the direct and indirect pieces of it, for over three years.  My beloved makes me lists everyday reminding to call the contractor, talk to the county about permits, meet with the surveyor and to make sure the painter remembered to put a coat of Pismo Dunes under the bar.  This isn't to say that she's nagging; the simple fact is that if a job is written down for me somewhere, I'm about 76% more likely to do it.  What's really funny is that in a few days, there really won't be anything on a list house-related.  Sure there'll be the 'pick up the light bulbs' and 'remember to have the garbage service pick up the dumpster' stuff, but that'll become pretty normal pretty soon.

And normal sounds good.