I'm modifying this site a little to help organize Project365.  Look for an all new gallery in a day or two that house all the Project365 photos with individual monthly galleries.  I think it will help.

Not that anyone besides my photographer friends care, but I'm now giving Aperture 3 a test run.  So far I'm really enjoying it.  The initial set-up on my notebook was a bit a pain and I'm still getting a feel for it, but it feels every bit as good as Lightroom.  In some ways I like it much better and in some ways I feel Lightroom had an edge.  Regardless, I'll see how I feel in 60 days.

It's been an incredibly busy last week.  The family and I spent an excellent weekend on the Oregon Coast (I should I know, just geo-tagged about 300 photos to "Cannon Beach" as well as "Arch Cape).  We spent some quality time with my parents, sister and her husband; and spent some bonus time with my brother-in-law and his family.  It's becoming a President's Day weekend tradition.  And despite the insanity of packing up a Carolla like it's a chopper delivering UN supplies, and settling two kids into away-game routines, it was very relaxing.  The lack of internet at the beach house was something of a digital cleanse that should be done more often than I realize.

Something else I just realized: I've now watched five straight events in men's figure skating.  And I use the work straight very loosely.  That being said, I'm hitting the sack and will follow up with more later.

In the words of Yakko Warner:

"G'night everybody."