Four of my favorite words are: "pitchers and catchers report"

To me, it's the first sign of Sping.

Four of my least favorite words: "variance application is DENIED"

No kidding.  That's exactly what the word looked like on the six-page document from the county.  Bold.  All Caps.  As if my application and sound reasoning for a front porch (safety, aesthetics, convenience) needed a response as if it came from a tall, East German.  What's that you say?  I can't build a front porch any closer to the road at my house even though I already have a front step that extends that far?  Well, at least it didn't cost $700 to find that information out and didn't drag out a couple months.  Oh wait.  So when this whole remodel is over, and you're coming to visit.  Do me a favor.  Park your ride, and on your way to my new front door, step out of your car and get clipped like Joe Black by a passing 2002 Suburban.  It's not that I wish you ill.  I just want to take your medical bill to the Skamania County Planning Office and say "I told you so."  Among other things.

I will now go to sleep, and try to wake up happier.  Spring training has started after all.


Or I could watch the clip below.  It always makes me smile.  At the time of my posting it had been viewed 461,664 times.  My buddy Mike will attest that at least 755 of those views have been from me, and is followed by extreme laughter each time. 

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