If, by chance, you found yourself looking at today's photo from Project365 and had a bit of deja vu than a) you have a really good memory b) you need to expand your web-browsing habits and c) you're right.  I took a photo from the Underwood Overlook back in early February and I was pretty pleased with it.

Last week I went back to Lightroom.  I enjoyed my time with Aperture but it was time we saw other people.  I explained that "it's not you, it's me" and we agreed to be friends.  But coming back to Lightroom was a little coming home again.  During the transition of moving my photos back to Lightroom, I inadvertently lost the master image of that shot I took in February.  The only one I know that exists is on this website.  It irritated me.  But what irritated me more, was trying to recreate the shot every day on my way to my office.  The cloud layer was the never the same.  The lighting wasn't quite right.  I had left my memory card at home.  There were lots of reasons.

This morning was as close as I was going to get.  Once I realized that I wasn't going to duplicate the shot, I went for something else.  I loved the clouds on the North side of the river.  I loved the light kissing off the river.  There's some decent contrast.

So I'm keeping this one.  And I'm thinking of it less as version 2.0 and more like an original.  I'm not the image in Project365 will be the finished product, but it's a good sketch of what I'm looking for.

Thanks for looking!  And Happy St. Patrick's Day.

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