I had been writing for nearly an hour when I inadvertently closed my browser and lost my work.

I'll paraphrase.

Sore feet and back from stepping on toys and carrying J.J. around.

Headache from hyper three-year-old.

Exhaustion from teething eight-month-old.

Week alone with my boys: Priceless.

I avoided melting down like the '95 Knicks and realized that parenthood is probably a challenge that can never be conquered with any sense of completion.  It just never ends.  I looked like the kids from the Double Dare Obstacle Course chasing my kids around the house.  Face plans.  Food all over me.  Marc Summers grabbing my wrist and rushing me from station to station.  (There's some great clips on Youtube, folks.  Viva nostalgia.)

Miles asked Rachel though a video-chat this morning if she could 'toss his presents through the screen.'  I'm so proud of him.  He's never even seen the movie but already has a firm grasp of Wonkavision.

Third clip you should watch from this post.

Which leads me to my favorite week of the year.  If I could take another week off of work I would.  Why you ask?

1) NCAA Tournament.  I'm hoping for the Bulter/Duke finale.

2) Opening Day.  Should be a great year from the M's.

3) The Masters.  Tiger is back.  Ernie is playing really well.  And Lefty's been suspiciously quiet.

4) Wrestlemania.

Happy April.