Sunday afternoon I decided to embark on a great voyage of golf/disappointment down at Beacon Rock Golf Course.  It was the first round -- rather half-round -- I've played this year and while I didn't play well, I played to about the level I expected.  Regardless, it was a good time and a I had some great laughs with my dad, grandpa and Mike.  I started to feel some heartburn and stomach pains around the ninth hole (which probably explains why I hit my second shot some fifty yards past the green narrowly missing my dad's S2000 in the parking lot.  A left-handed shot, chip, and two putts later I was back in the truck driving home.  I stopped at the local grocery store to buy some medicine for J.J. and bleach-cleaner for the house.  And you could see the natural progression of the last couple weeks on the conveyor belt.  Medicine.  Medicine.  Cleaner.  Ugh.

And that's when it hit.

Ronnie the Rotavirus made it's way to me.  I soooo did not see that coming.  I spent Sunday afternoon and almost all of Monday on the sofa.  And in between naps, chills and fevers I managed to get a little photo-editing done, catch the annual Patriot's Day Red Sox game and stay in touch with the office a little.  Fortunately it's a 24-hour bug.  Unfortunately our baby-sitter caught it the next day.

I'm feeling nearly 100% now and looking forward to a weekend road-trip with my old man.  We're driving to Yakima early Friday morning for a round of golf at Apple Tree Resort, then hopping back in the car and making the sojourn to Couer d'Alene Resort in Idaho.  We'll play 18 the next morning and then swing home.

I'll post some photos from the trip in a couple days.  In the meantime; this family is gonna get some more rest.

G'night everybody.