I'm not the best gift-giver.  Ask my wife.  I'm the guy who gave her a GPS for Christmas.  I bought her a laptop for our anniversary.  But I'm had my moments; and I'm usually halfway decent at filling in the gaps on Valentine's Day or Mother's Day.  But I have no clue as to what to give on Easter.

What do you give a woman who's filling out every piece of paper on our home loan?  Who manages our home? She's the Terry Francona to my Dustin Pedrioa.  Seriously.  I spent the last week alone with the boys and it was like treading water.  I could do it...but only for a couple hours.  I'm married to a woman who makes this look easy everyday.  And it's not just feeding kids and grocery shopping.  It's gift buying.  It's oil-changes.  It's exercise.  It's cooking.  It's baking.  It's vet appointments.  It's finding time for friends.  (And she's a phenomenal friend.  She's loyal and more generous than anyone I know.) It's making time for us.  It's ensuring we've got money in our checking account.  It's making sure there's even more in our savings.  It's the fact that you could eat off our Pergo.  It's the fact that she still takes time to hand-write thank-you cards.  I'm looking at her to-do list right now:

Write in her journal.

Finish reading her book.

Finish loan application.

Make dinner.

Call storage facility.

There's about 12 more items before you read the important number: "run 12".  Run 12?  Yes.  She's juggling all this stuff while still running 12 miles this morning.  I might drive 12 miles today.  She views this as a short run because last week she ran 20.  So when she's not taking care of the three other people and three pets in this house, she's training for a marathon.

And she does all this with grace.  

Me?  If I were to do half of what she does for more than a week? I'd have the erratic disposition of Corey Feldman after a three-day coke binge.  There's no Easter card that really encapsulates that.  I checked.

She's funny too.  She's warm.  She's sweet.  And she watches the worst television shows that you could make.  Because despite all the hard work she puts in, she still has time to kick-back in the evenings.  

And when I'm hearing her stuff Easter eggs all night after a long day of running errands, running after kids and just plain running...and when I think about the Easter dinner she's helped organize (because she knows I woulda just BBQ'd hot dogs tonight)...and when I see my kids eyes light-up when they look around the living room, searching for what the Easter Bunny brought them...I have to ask myself: "What can I possibly give this woman for Easter?"

How 'bout this?