It's 9:48 and I'm watching Food Network.  Don't judge.  I swear to you, the Food Network consistently has the best programming of any channel that doesn't start with ESPN.  I've currently got "The Next Food Network Star" and I like it, and frankly anything on FN (as I'll refer to it from this point forward) for the same reason I like baseball.  I don't have to pay strict-close attention to follow what's going on.  And what's better than a prospective FN star wrapping up a 30 second introduction to a recipe that defines them with "...and butter."

I've been meaning to really sit down and write for a few days.  And if you've followed Project365 at all, you may have noticed a big blank space for the last week.  That's because for the last week, I've been about as stressed out as I can remember.  Like the first time I watched 'Big Fish', I've ran the entire gamut of human emotion.

This remodel has gone from full-on, pedal-to-the-medal readiness to what feels like pulling the emergency brake on the space shuttle. Observe:

Wednesday, May 26:

Building permit done

Loan pending contractor approval

Hope to start remodel by mid-June and move back around December

Thursday, May 27:

Environmental scam inspection of house

$500 is paid to environmental inspector (That's an iPad, everyone)

Friday, May 28:

Bank calls: contractor won't be approved..."Find someone else"

Panic ensues

E-Mail is sent to another contractor

Doubt in project reaches all-time-high

Renovate vs. Remodel debate begins

Watched "The Road" -- Freaked out all night.

Saturday, May 29:

Renovation seems like the way to go

Sunday, May 30:

Yep, definitely going to renovate. 

Monday, May 31: up on the dream...I dunno

Tuesday, June 1:

Yeah, renovating.  We'll travel instead.

New contractor calls.

Wednesday, June 2:

Sold on renovating idea.

Budget set.

Trips to Home Depot have begun.


Good, long talk with old friend about things to consider (hate Oxford commas).

Thursday, June 3:

Contractor arrives, looks around house.

Has promising things to say (i.e. "we can start July 1...and you'll be moved back in October")  

I pick my jaw off the floor and I think I see my wife mouth the words "I love you." *Not sure if they were directed at me or him.

Friday, June 4:

The boys and I meet new contractor at one of this recent builds.



Call my lady on way home.  Decision made.

Soooo not renovating.

New contractor tells me he'll draw up some plans soon.

Saturday, June 5: 6:50 AM 

Text message from new contractor:

"Just finished the plans! Living room and family room have views of creek.  Call me when you can."

1:00 PM: Plans delivered.

Sunday, June 6:

Basking in the fact that we A) have a contractor on extremely short notice and B) he'saffordable and C) does great work and D) does that great work in a timely fashion.

Started taking "before" photos of the house.

Monday, June 7:

New contractor has taken plans to the County Planning Office (yikes).

So where are we?  We're looking good.  I don't want to jinx this project for the gazillionth time, but it feels like our luck has changed.  And I love butter.