I'm watching one of my favorite movies (Diner) as I type this, so forgive the occasional misspelling.  I know I said a few days ago that I'd post some photos of the newly demolished house.  I felt that I should back a little.  I wasn't sure my lady was ready to see photos of our antique home looking like a set from Black Hawk Down.  On top of that, I wanted to make sure she saw the work before everyone who follows my blog (which is probably just about three people).

On a side note -- if you haven't seen Diner, please make the effort.  Netflix this thing.  It's brilliant, hilarious, heartbreaking and real.  Ladies, I'm serious about this; Diner is a window into the male psyche.  The scene where Billy is sitting in the kitchen while Eddie demands a sandwich from his mother -- I'm pretty sure that was stolen from any one of eleven lunches at my buddy Scott's house when we were in high school.  Scott would be Eddie in this scenario.

That aside, my bride has accepted the fact that our home is no more and that big things are ahead.  So after a few tears and some delicious nostalgia, I present what's left of our place in Mill A.

Week one is in the books.  The house is down and we're waiting on a few more things before the builders take the next step.  It's starting to get exciting.

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