You may have noticed there have been some design changes to this site.  It's my attempt to make this experience a little more easy on the eyes as well as convey the feeling I want from my photos.  While it's not perfect yet, I'd certainly say it's a lot closer than it was.

The other site that has seen some major changes has been our home.  I took the boys up there today to check on the project as well as pick up some roofing samples.  There's definitely been some progress since Monday when I was last there.

The foundation is currently being formed and finished.  I believe that they'll probably start framing next week sometime and that should take about three weeks. I'm sure I'm jinxing myself and everyone involved by saying that we should have a pretty good idea of what the finished project should look like in terms of size and scope by the end of August.  Pretty exciting times.

I also picked up a list decisions we're going to have to make in terms of lighting, cabinetry, flooring, plumbing, etc. over the next few months.  People keep telling me it's going to be really stressful, but after all we've been through with permits, zoning, and all that nonsense, I actually look forward to debating the merits of recessed lighting versus chandeliers.