"What ever happened to Eric Stoltz?"

This question haunted me for a solid twenty minutes.  I had overheard part of a conversation that a couple of the bridesmaids were having on the lower floor of The Dalles Inn.  It wasn't because the question was seemingly random; more because (being the pop-culture geek that I am) I was genuinely curious.  In addition, I wasn't sure I should've answered ("Eric Stoltz?  He's done some TV work in Caprica and a short stint on Grey's Anatomy.  Oh, and did you know that was originally cast as Marty McFly in Back to the Future?") or just kept my mouth shut and tried to look cool?  I opted for the latter only to shoot myself in the cinematic face (a la Pulp Fiction) when later I mentioned that the path and trees the bridesmaids and bride were walking down looked like something out of Narnia.  It was at that moment I established myself as absolute dork behind the lens.  (I just self-high-five'd as I wrote that).  

I have officially shot my first professional event.  I. am. a. photographer.  It's cool to write and even unassailably cooler to say.  But thanks to Jennifer and her new husband Lethal, I shot my first wedding.  Exhausting?  Yes.  Nerve-wracking? Uh-huh.  Would I do it again? Hell yes.  Although I must admit that Jen ruined future experiences for me.  I have a hard time imagining another couple and family being so welcoming, generous and down-to-earth with me.  By the time the newlyweds signed their marriage certificate, I felt like I belonged to these families.  I'm holding out hope that there's a chair with my name on it at Thanksgiving.

In all seriousness, Jen and Lethal (as well as the rest of the bridal party) were incredibly gracious and brave with letting me stand back and document their day.  I hope you're enjoying Cannon Beach this week and tearing up a salt-water taffy factory.  Thank you again for the opportunity and sharing your day with me.

Much love and appreciation!  JD


If I told you that the toilet paper at the event matched the invitations, curtains and napkins would you believe me?  Well you should...no detail escapes Jen.

After spending a morning with the ladies, it was nice to get in a little time with the fellas prior to the ceremony.  The laughs and the beer were in abundance. 

Two of my favorite shots of the night.

Thanks again!