I know, I know, more house news.  I know what you're thinking: "Can't we get more news about your thriving photography business?  Where's the side-splitting Miles stories?  What's J.J. up to?  Can you recommend any new gripping television dramas?"  Well, I can help you out with a few of those requests:

Miles: "Mommy, can I give you a massage?"

Mommy: "Sure, Miles I'd love one."

Miles: "Does that feel good?"

Mommy: "Mmm..yes."

Daddy: "Miles, do you want a massage?"

Miles: "Um...yes I do."

Daddy begins to massage Miles -- he wriggles around because a typical massage tickles the bejeezes out of him.

Daddy: "Wow, your muscles are REALLY tight.  Are you carrying a lot of stress around?"

Miles: "Yeah.  I am."

Daddy: "Really?  What's stressing you out right now."

Miles: "Um...playing Frisbee."

Yep, that's my son.

On Friday, my contractor took me up to a house that has the identical floor-plan as the one that they're building for me.  Well, nearly.  The garage is twisted around has been slapped on the opposite side, but apart from that: pretty close.  It was great to get a sense of the size and scope of the finished project.

Tonight I witnessed J.J. go completely crazy for one of his toys.  He sat up on his knees and busted out screams of joy and excitement whenever I pushed one of the buttons on it.  It was really the first time I've seen him go so excited.  I don't think I've been that excited since I saw The Dark Knight (side-note: right after I saw that movie -- a midnight showing -- with my buddies Sean and Leno, we walked out to see Sean's Civic had been broken into while we were at the film.  Sean made some joke while we were at the gas station about how low the car was riding because of how big Leno's size, but Leno responded 'that it shouldn't have made a difference based on how much stuff was missing from the car now.'  Too add insult to injury, it was Sean's and his wife's anniversary that night.  I'm trying to imagine how I would see that evening to my lady: "Honey, I know it's anniversary, but I was thinking I'd take you out to a quick dinner -- we would drive separately though because afterwards, I was going to meet a couple friends to go see the new Batman movie."  I'm pretty sure the locks would be changed when I returned in my broken car.).

Next -- if you're not watching Mad Men and Breaking Bad, you should be. I've started Rubicon as well and it's very promising.  AMC is somewhat like the Miami Heat in that they're starting three of the of the best examples what the league has to offer.  I'm excited for another season of Dexter on the horizon as well as In Treatment.  So, if you're looking for some nightly entertainment over the next month or two, hit up any of these shows on Netflix. They're probably the best shows you're not watching.

The excavation team backfilled all the superfluous dirt on Friday, so we're at the framing stage now.  That as supposed to kick off on Tuesday, but the supplies are a little late, so we're aiming for first thing Wednesday.  We're told that framing should take around three weeks so things are shaping up for a very productive August.