On Sunday nights I typically make a date with Joan from Mad Men and follow that up by trying to solve a worldwide conspiracy on Rubicon.  Football season kinda throws a monkey-wrench into those plans, but that's why DVR's were invented.  

The days since my wedding shoot a couple weeks ago have been a blur.  Most nights after the wedding were either spent proofing photos, researching light fixtures, appliances and paints, or spec'ing a new laptop for our contractor.  If I learned on thing form a wedding shoot, it's that the shoot is only about 20% of the work.  Prost-production and proofing of 2000 photos is a grueling and stressful task.  However, I'm pretty sure that the more you do it, the faster your workflow becomes.  It's not unlike the first time you cook a new recipe.  If it says 40 minutes of active cooking time, I'll usually blow another 20 minutes past that.  The second time I make the same dish, 40 minutes is somewhat attainable.

For example; Rachel bought me a cookbook from her recent trip to San Diego and I've been working my way through it all summer.  While everything I've made from it has been delicious, not everything has been quick.  But I suppose anything worth doing, is worth doing well.  And you can't rush perfection.

Unless you're building our new house...