My lady just walked into the room after tucking in our oldest and announced, "This is it.  Our last night of vacation."  She's right.  Tomorrow night we'll be prepping for work and the typical rat-race that fills up our weeks.  The last two weeks have been...and I know it's cliche...insane.  We've been riding a roller-coaster and it's finally coming to an end.

I'm happy to announce that my Project365 is at an end.  Taking a photo every day sounds pretty easy on the surface but I'll admit I struggled with it.  Sometimes I missed a day because I just didn't feel inspired.  Sometimes I never felt like I had THE shot.  Occasionally I forgot.  And somedays I just hated the thought of holding my camera.  So while I didn't pull together 365 shots, I'm proud of the exercise.  I know it made me a better photographer.  Having my camera with me at all times has allowed me to capture moments that I never would have otherwise.  It's also forced to me to come up with more creative and challenging compositions.  I tried not to shoot photos of the kids that much, because it seemed too easy, but they're such damn good subjects.

And now that it's done, what do I do?  I'm planning on putting together a book.  It will be a good way to remember 2010 as well as serve as an idea book for when I get stumped or feel uninspired.  I've even got a title in mind.  It'll be nice to published; even if I'm the only schmuck whoever flips through the pages.

I was asked if I was planning on another photo-a-day for 2011, and I'm pleased to announce that I'm not.  I've got different photography goals for the year, and while there's huge value in the exercise, I'm happy to put the focus (no pun intended) on a different aspect of this passion.