Just overheard on Celebrity Rehab:

Residential Technician: "Please stop interrupting me.  I've been clean for fourteen years."

"Celebrity" in rehab: "I've been clean for eighteen days! What's the difference?"

I was going to tweet that, but I figured I'd lead with it.  Why?  No reason.  It has no baring on this post whatsoever.  However, the fact that I've watched a handful of episodes of this show and still have no idea who this celebrity receiving treatment for her addictions is...well...it just further cements my need to watch more reality TV and stare at more gossip rags while I'm in line at Safeway.

Now...on to stuff I like.

This has A) everything to do with websites I frequent and B) nothing to do with photography.  So if you read this blog for my thoughts and feelings on particular shoots or insights on my photos...go ahead and make your way to your next exit on the information superhighway.

AppleTV.  Phenomenal little product.  I've rented movies on it.  I've watched my photos scroll across it.  I've streamed ping-pong matches on Youtube for the kids.  And best of all, it plays anything I throw I at it. It's got a simple remote and an interface that's clean enough that my four-year-old can (and does) navigate.  And here's my killer way to use it:


  1. I take the hundreds of DVDs I have, and rip them to my Mac.
  2. I convert them to what's called an MP4 format.  (It's the format that the AppleTV (and any iOS device) can read.
  3. I've got a computer under my stairs that's connected to my network and I dump my movies onto that computer.
  4. I import those movies into iTunes and...
  5. Ta-dah!  When I power up AppleTV, I connect to that computer's library and I've got enough entertainment to keep me occupied for the first six months of the zombie apocalypse.


So I got that going for me.  Which is nice.

As for now...I've got a date with Coach and Mrs. Coach on Friday Night Lights.