Today we took the kids to the zoo.  It was the perfect day for it: cloudy, cold and not too crowded.  We had a great time, but the boys (and myself) were absolutely exhausted on the trip home.  I'm still unclear how Rachel stayed awake.

Miles came home with a zebra mask from the zoo gift shop and has hardly taken it off since. I'm surprised he's not sleeping with it strapped to his face.  He even played Rock Band with it on which made him look like something out of Spinal Tap.  "Have you ever seen a zebra with a mircophone?", he asked.

But my favorite quote might have been the end of the following exchange:

Me: "Miles, what's your favorite thing to eat?"

Miles: "I'm a zebra."

Me: "Sorry.  Mr. Zebra what's your favorite thing to eat?"

Miles: "Grass."

Me: "Cool.  What's the best thing about being a zebra."

Miles: *removes mask and deadpans: "Having no humps."