Recently at my day-job, I was tasked with ordering new photography gear for my department.  I love opportunities like that when the stars align and what puts the food on your table aligns with your passion.  So what to my wondering eyes doth appeared yesterday?  But a new DSLR, a couple lenses, and a host of accessories.  Another solid coincidence, is that I've got a five-day weekend to test and play with said gear so I'm able to teach and explain it all to the rest of my coworkers when I return.

Today I was home alone with the boys for much of the day, and we had a blast building marble runs, wrestling, building things out of cardboard, eating a lot of sandwiches and watching Batman.*

*I watched the trailer for The Dark Knight Rises about eleven times on Wednesday, so needless to say, I'm super psyched.  So psyched, in fact, that I watched The Dark Knight last night and even got my wife to watch about 15 minutes of it before she said...and I'm still dumb struck by this..."I didn't know The Joker was a bad guy.  I always thought he was a good guy."  Feel free to comment and correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems to me that women know nothing about A) world war history B) land-speed records and super-heroes** and their associated mythology.)

**And YES, I know that Batman is technically a crime-fighter and NOT a super-hero due to the fact that he doesn't possess any super-powers.

Below are a few of my test shots with the new camera.  Just a small window into day with my kids; which reminds me, I need to post some of the videos that go along with these at some point.