2 - Days spent at scenic Cannon Beach, Oregon

1 - Pack & Play already set up by the hotel upon our arrival

25 - The dollar amount of the voucher for Bruce's Candy I received for looking at a time-share across the street

6 - Cost of a Phat Snyd Bar (a Rice Crispie treat on a stick, covered in caramel then dipped in milk chocolate)

10 Trillion - The amount of calories contained in a Phat Snyd Bar

852 - Number of times Miles new battery powered guitar played 'The Bear Went Over the Mountain' in the car\

387 - Number of Cheez-its that J.J. ate in his carseat

11 - Number of times I tried to get Miles and J.J. to pose and smile for the camera

0 - Number of photos I have Miles and J.J. posing and smiling for the camera

12 - Hours of sleep we got on Saturday night

37 - Number of flavors of ice cream we didn't try at the Tillamook Cheese/Ice Cream factory

4 - How old, I told the woman running the miniature golf course in Seaside, that Miles was

6 - The B.S. arbitrary age you're supposed to be to play miniature golf in Seaside

6 - The age at which I lied to the woman.  Miles was then allowed to golf.  Jedi Mind Tricks still work in Seaside!

44 - Miles score at miniature golf (10 holes)

48 - My score at miniature golf (10 holes)

2 - Kids I tried I manage solo while in a crowded arcade (Wost. Idea. Ever.)

90 - Temperature (in ferinheight) of the arcade

9 - Number of kids we had to wait behind to play Guitar Hero: Arcade

1 - Adult we had to wait behind to play Guitar Hero: Arcade

2 - The cost, in dollars,  to play Guitar Hero: Arcade

10 - Number of seconds Miles played Guitar Hero: Arcade before failing out of Sabotage by The Beastie Boys

1 - Number of iPhones I lost at the arcade

4 - During my freak-out, the number of child predators I imagined at the arcade

2 - The number of kids I swore I was going to lose

20 - Minutes I was in five-alarm panic-attack mode before accidently calling my cell number from a payphone (they still make them...and yep...still disgusting) and arranging for the holder of the phone to meet me at Fultano's pizza.

9999 - My old passcode to my phone.  Realized it's a horrible passcode when I lost the phone.

9 - Photos of Cannon Beach I took from Ecola Park (the whole time thinking about The Goonies)

89 - Number of times I've watched The Goonies

40 - Miles out of our way that Rachel drove me to the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

52 - The cost of a space helmet that Miles wanted from the gift shop.  We had to say no.

5 - The cost of a balsa wood and rubber-band airpane from the gift shop that Miles chose instead

236 - Minutes it took us to drive home.  From the museum.

236 - Minutes it takes to watch Dances with Wolves: The Director's Cut

3 - Number of launches of the balsa wood and rubber-band airplane before it landed on our roof

10 - Minutes it took me to get the plane off the roof.

4 - People who are glad to be home.

4 - People who wouldn't change a thing.