Okay.  Bit of randomness here.  We're wrapping up Spring Break 2011 here at the Duffus house.  I got home at 1:30 this morning from a quick trip to Safeco Field where a couple friends and I watched our my beloved Mariners get scalped by the Indians.  I love going games.  Where else can you look up at a  40' jumbotron and learn that Chone Figgin's favorite meal is: dinner.  Or that Ichiro's favorite actress is: Sandra Bullock. I'm pretty sure the player's just hand their kids the questionnaire that team's PR guy gives them.  

While we watched Cleveland take batting practice, we heard the stadium announcer inform the crowd that "Should anyone interfere with your enjoyment of the game, please let a staff member or usher know immediately."  It took my buddy Mike about half-a-second to lean over to me and ask "Do you think anyone has ever called a staff member over and said 'Excuse me sir, the Seattle Mariners are interfering with my enjoyment of the game.'."  One of my favorite sports writers, Jeff Sullivan who blogs for Lookout Landing (a Seattle Mariners fansite) captured it best here.  It's worth a read.

That being said, my lady is T-Minus 12 hours from heading back to work after a 10-day break.  It's like trying to enjoy your last meal before execution.  We managed to get quite a bit of housework and landscaping done over the weekend and now that it's over...we're ready for a weekend.

We took advantage of the lingering sunshine today and got the boys out for a little basketball at the local elementary school.  Here's a couple shots I snagged while they took a timeout.

The week ahead looks exciting.  Should the weather cooperate, I'll be shooting an engagement session this weekend.  I've got some high aspirations for a couple projects this summer...I just need this monsoon to go away.


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