Still going through the old stuff.  And now we're talking.  


I had just about no idea what I was doing with my first digital camera, a Kodak DX4900.  Google that camera.  It's a far cry from the technology that's available now.  I think my iPhone might have a more advanced sensor.  At the time, I enjoyed taking photos, but couldn't tell an aperture from Aperol.

This was just before I boarded a train to Bellingham. I'm not sure if it was the contrast of size or pacing that struck me, but something did.

 This was actually shot from a suite my wife and I were staying in Puerto Vallarta. It was one of the last nights were there and I wanted a new way to look at the sunset after a thunderstorm.

I snapped this with one of the black and white disposable cameras that we put on tables at our wedding. I kinda dig it. And there really were other people at our wedding...I swear.