According the analytics on my site, someone found this page by searching 'Duffus Winery".  It's utterly false, but I like the ring to it.

My friend Danny was telling me a story the other day about how great building a Lego spaceship was with his son.  He pointed out how it was the only thing he feels like he's done in while that had a defined beginning and end.  There was a box, instructions and a completed spaceship.  Closure.  Danny and I work in an industry where the 'closure' part doesn't always matriculate.  Projects come and go, some you see from A-Z and others just make a little way through the alphabet.  But it's nice to know we'll always have Legos.

Anyway, I promised this a year ago, but never really followed through.  My buddy Sean received one of the best gifts a wife can give her husband: The Lego Millennium Falcon (you can tell they don't have kids).  He spent a few weeks putting the monstrosity together and it's gorgeous.  I saw this once at a store and knew that my boys would break it telepathically before I ever opened the box.  I still need to find out what Sean has done with it since.  (If it were me, it would be hanging in my bedroom below some glow-in-the-dark-star-stickers.)  Sean took photos about 10 pages and sent them to me through my office e-mail (which clogged it up really well).  I'm giving them their own gallery.  Enjoy.