People ask me if I get sick of all the preschool TV that saturates 22 channels.  With two toddlers here, I've certainly had my fill of The Wonderpets, Caillou and The Fresh Beat Band; but it's not so bad.  I may have written this before, but it's really easy to brainwash your kids, at least at this age.  If I want them to really like a show that I like, it just takes a few faux belly laughs at the right moments and they're on board.  I tried this with Scooby Doo last summer and it's becoming a fixture in our home.  In defense of Hanna Barbara cartoons: how can you not like Scooby Doo?  It's true.  I'll give them that.  It's a solid mystery with enough plot-holes and character development (at least in the new series) to keep anyone interested.  It's timeless, American entertainment and it's to be expected that my kids (and me) love it.

Miles particularly loves Velma.  Maybe it's the conservative turtlenecks, the librarian glasses (can't blame him there) or her love of computers, but Miles has really latched onto the brains of Mystery Inc.  My wife was really pleased with this.

"Miles.  That's good," she said, "you marry a smart girl.  Those pretty ones are expensive and can't hold a conversation.  Stick to the smart girls."  He nodded and went back to his drinking his Pedialyte.

The next day we were watching the incomparable "Howl of the Fright Hound" episode.  Miles sat between Rachel and I while J.J. was watching elephants on the iPad for the 10th time that hour.  Still riding high on the Velma love, Rachel asked Miles about it again.

"You still like Velma?" she asked.

Miles didn't look away from the TV, just said "Yeah."

A long moment passed before he followed that with: "But Daphne is really pretty."