My lady and I have always been people who enjoy entertaining.  As anti-social as we tend to be sometimes, we love opening up the house, cooking a fancy dinner or dessert (which we rawk at...I'll just say it), and indulging in great, lively conversations with fun people.  When we built our new house, this was one of the things we thought about with every decision we made.

So tonight, when we hosted 12 members of my extended family, we were pretty excited.  And it's nice when your excitement and expectations are not only met, but exceeded.  Parents, grandparents, cousins, aunts and uncles were brought together through empanadas (something of a family tradition), potato salad and homemade ice cream.  And over epic matches of table-tennis and impromptu concerts by Miles we caught up with each others lives, shared stories and laughs and wondered why on Earth we let so many years go in-between visits.

I picture my grandkids going through photos on the holodeck someday and coming across this photo while wearing silvery, shiny jumpsuits.

Thanks to ALL OF YOU for making tonight for a memorable evening.  We'll do it again...hopefully sooner than later.  You're all a great reminder to what being part of a family means.


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