My lady and I celebrated our seventh anniversary this weekend at one of our favorite destinations: Arch Cape, Oregon.  Little known fact (and the second colon of this post): Arch Cape is actually where the missing -- and later found -- cannons were stored after the wreck of a U.S. schooner, Shark.  Cannon Beach got the fancy moniker though.  I know, I know.  As my wife would say, "enough with the geeky history."

What's more impressive that factoid?  The fact that football is back is and I won't be a miserable SOB all fall?  Maybe.  But how about the fact the trip this weekend was our first sans children.  That's right everyone.  We haven't been away from our kids overnight -- together -- in over four years.  I'll give you a second and let that sink in.  Go ahead.  Justin Beiber wasn't even born yet!  (I could be wrong on that...not sure.)  Regardless, we enjoyed walking Cannon Beach on a crazy-busy summer day (It looks like Amity Island from Jaws!  I 'm not kidding!), lobster ravioli at Newman's at 988, the reappearance of the infamous Snyd Bar and a mid-morning walk down a foggy shore at Arch Cape.  Did I mention that we stayed here?  That tower?  We stayed in it.

I should seriously spend more time at beach.  It's cathartic.

As usual, my camera came along too.