Miles, looking up over a bowl of tomato soup with grilled cheese: "Daddy!  Listen to how good I can say 'Miles': "Myyy-ellz".

He'll be the next John Malkovich, with over-pronunciation like that.


Earlier today, Miles put on a monkey mask and snuck up on me.  It worked and startled me.

Me: "Hello Monkey."

Miles: Stares at me and for a moment I feel like one of the Zodiac killer's victims...

Me (nervously): "How are you, Monkey?"

Miles: Continues staring.  I try and lighten the mood.

Me: "Can I call you Cornelius?"

Miles: "You may call me Curious George."

Me: Whew.


Last night, while we watched the Seahawks lose, Miles and I saw this commercial.  I may or may not have googled: "Jack in the box male stripper" to find it.  Sporadically throughout today, Miles has entered a room and announced: "Ladies, you have the right to remain sexy!" (However, he pronounces 'sexy' as 'seh-seeeeee!' It's all I can do to keep a straight face.


JJ has been running around the house pointing out the window and shouting "A monster!".  Only it doesn't sound like he's saying monster.  Miles had to interpret.  It comes out in a lower, clenched voice and JJ yells: "Monthtah!"  If you really want to know what it sounds like, say it out-loud and punch yourself in a tender location.  You'll get the same effect.