I met Tyler and Sharon the other day for an engagement session just outside of The Dalles.  They've been together for about as long as I've been married and I couldn't help but pick up on their affection, their energy and their hope.  And after spending some time with them, I can see why.  You see, Tyler is a die-hard Red Sox fan. And if you've ever met one, you know what kind of hell they've endured and how they just keep on hoping, and knowing that better things are just right around the corner.

Now they don't look like they've had the rug pulled out from under them too many times, but their relaxed excitement is palpable, and you know they're looking forward to their wedding next summer, the same way most BoSox fans feel about October in early April.

I could probably kill half-a-day swapping stories with Tyler about Pedro's 1999 season, Dave Roberts stealing second in 2004 and the upcoming play-offs, but I'll save that kind of intensity for their wedding day.

Here are a few of my favorite moments from Friday.

Several of these shots were taken on Sharon's grandpa's property.  It's a wonderland for a photographer because the place just oozes charm and character.  He collected stuff from all over and basically built a little village.  I'm not saying I watch Antique Roadshow, but if I did, they'd have to do some kind of a two-week special from this place.