By and large, most brides and grooms are pretty-well catered to.  There's nothing really wrong with that.  They should be.  It's their day.  The bride has probably been dreaming of this day since she was six and I'm sure most grooms have ran the ceremony through their head at least once (probably at the rehearsal the night before).  It's easy to soak up the spotlight, to have your glass constantly topped-off, and to have your dress fluffed and primped.  Weddings go by in a flash, the day is a blur, and by the time dinner is served everyone is exhausted and relieved on some level.  So when I watched Joe and Tracy start the line to dinner, and then take a few full plates over to their parents, so they could eat first...well call me impressed.  Classy move.

This was a union of two great families that really cared, respected and put each other first.  It's such a pleasure when I, as the photographer, feel that I had as much as fun as the guests doing the Cupid Shuffle.

Joe and Tracy -- as soon as I met you guys I knew I was in for a great day.  And I had no idea how lovely and amazing your friends and family would be.  I hope you're enjoying every last minute of your trip to Spain and that you throw some tomatoes for me.

Thanks so much for giving me the opportunity to capture your day.  All the best!