Megan and Charles have the unique distinction of kind of bookending my photography least at this moment.  I had just booked my first wedding in the summer of 2010 and I was invited to their wedding a few weeks before.  They had a great wedding (with really great food...I always remember the food...shocking, I know) and I used it as a testbed for what was ahead.

Fast-forward three years later...and Megan and Charles are expecting their little boy in late August.  She'll enjoy six months off from her job at Adidas, and my wife and I kept telling her to cherish every second between now and then.  It's incredibly cliché, but the time really does just whip past to the point that it almost disappears.  I 'spose it's the whole reason we take photos like that maybe moments and memories like this might last a little longer.

I'm ready for the newborn pictures when they are.  

Megan, call me when the contractions are eight minutes apart. 

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